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Join us Board: Join us Thread: 4 units 20 tons Electric Chain Hoist for UK and UAE customers
4 units 20 tons Electric Chain Hoist for UK and UAE customers Site: « 1 »
#1 at 21.01.2022 on 04:51h Quote this entry
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As a professional crane and hoist supplier, Yuantai Crane have served over 150 countries around the world. You may find our products is around you, especially electric hoist equipment. I will share you the story of 20 ton electric chain hoist with UK and UAE customers.

We received the 25 ton electric chain hoist inquiry from UK customer, he is also in the lifting equipment industry. One of his clients from UAE asked him to supply the electric chain hoist. However, 25 ton electric chain hoist is out of their supply scope. Therefore, he searched electric hoist supplier on google and contact us.

Good Morning,
Please quote your best price and availability on the following;
25tonne Electric hoist
Height of lift- 10Meters
Power supply- 3phz / 415v
Complete with Electric travel trolley to suit crane beam ( beam size tbc) complete with wireless remote control and chain container to suit.
Delivery address is tbc at the moment but will likely be shipped to the Middle East for one of our clients.
Your soonest response is appreciated

We sent our 25 ton electric chain hoist quotation to him in the second email, include the production time and shipping time. However, his client updated the hoist requirements and he sent us the details.

They actually want 2no hoists with a link plate trolley as per the drawings, is this something you can quote for please?

Our team checked the electric hoist drawing carefully and confirmed more hoist details with the customer. The hoists lifting need to be independent, but travel together. We were also asked to supply 20 ton electric chain hoist and 15 ton electric chain hoist options for reference (just the lifting capacity is different). Below is the 20 ton electric chain hoist drawing we designed for reference.

His client chose 2no. of the 20t + 20t hoist sets (so 4no hoists in total), so we revised the 20 ton electric chain hoist price for him. The client confirmed the size of the trolley and beam flange. For our 20 ton electric chain hoist, the trolley can adjust to fit the beam, the I-beam size arrange is 150-220mm, the electric hoist can meet his client’s needs.

Here are all requirements, 2 sets 20 ton electric chain hoist linked together with 10m lifting height, each electric chain hoist can be controlled independently with remote control (move up and down), but travel together.

Have you supplied to the UK before? We would like to obtain some company references

Yes, we provide some UK and UAE clients’ contact to him. The customer called and realized that the quality of the product was very good, so he was finally relieved.

It should be noted that before we provide the company list, we have to contact these clients to confirm whether they can be called. We will not disclose their contact details to anyone unless they agree to us. Yuantai crane only sell the product and service, never sell its future.

All problems are solved, we got the order.

Why choose us?

Trustworthy! We have been working hard to solve customer problems, or trying to solve customer problems, even if we do not solve them in the end, but customers can feel our serious efforts and believe that Yuantai crane is reliable.

We look forward to shaking hands with you and becoming your reliable electric hoist supplier.

4 units 20 tons Electric Chain Hoist for UK and UAE customers

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