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apX is back alive

Hello everyone,

We can prouldy announce thatapX is back alive!!We have to start from a small base on but everything great was once something small. We are atmnf-only clanfrom now on. We have no buissness with tm2 nor with the clan spX from tm2. Phoenix and I will try our best to create a great international community with good atmosphere. This being said, we have already enlargen our team!. Magik, Vixen, Jay, DontCare and Severus joined us.DragsterandAcer, who have been a part of apX before the break-down are still on board! Together we will build the base of apX and start slowly to expand.

Our homepage is still not fully up-to-date and needs some renovation which will hopfully happen the next weeks.

Furthermore we will happily accept clan-war offers again. We may not be the same apX as we were before our collapse. But we will rise again!

Stay tuned for further informationapplause.gif


apX. agent - 24.06.16 15:47h
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#0 at 30.10.2020 on 05:04h IP saved

I have re

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#-1 at 30.10.2020 on 05:01h IP saved

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#-5 at 25.06.2016 on 21:12h IP saved
apX. Dragster

applause.gifWere gonna be big again guys

#-6 at 25.06.2016 on 10:50h IP saved
apX. dahl!

lets rock and we try to built a nice apX like before dafuer.gif

last edited by apX. dahl! at 25.06.2016 10:50h
#-7 at 25.06.2016 on 10:41h IP saved
apX. agent

Happy you did now dontcare

#-8 at 25.06.2016 on 09:55h IP saved
apX. Phoenix!

apX is love apX is life ♥

#-9 at 25.06.2016 on 04:41h IP saved
DontCare :D

I never realised how fun tmnf is xD

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