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#59 apX. dahl! IP: IP saved  
30.07.2016 11:13h
gg guys, well done!
#58 apX. Phoenix! IP: IP saved  
30.07.2016 11:04h
Well the next enemy can come we have prooved that we are pretty strong in rounds
#57 apX. Acer IP: IP saved  
30.07.2016 10:59h
extreme nice war we are so dominate
#56 apX. agent IP: IP saved  
29.07.2016 17:32h
time changed to 20:30 for war against life!!
#55 apX. agent IP: IP saved  
26.07.2016 17:18h
#54 apX. Vixen IP: IP saved  
16.07.2016 13:24h
My map isn't suitable for rounds at all xD
#53 apX. agent IP: IP saved  
14.07.2016 16:50h
take a look in the forum guys
#52 Severus IP: IP saved  
13.07.2016 13:25h
alright, made a post in general topics
#51 nukem IP: IP saved  
12.07.2016 20:09h
Agent, do you want to play your Duo Cup with me?
#50 apX. Phoenix! IP: IP saved  
12.07.2016 17:41h
I dont think Vixens new map is roundable^^ id you want more to discuss please make a thread sev.
#49 apX. agent IP: IP saved  
12.07.2016 16:11h
Let's pleace discuss this in a threat in the board topic - but until the end of this week we have to have our maps!
#48 Severus IP: IP saved  
11.07.2016 22:55h
Hey guys, i have a proposal actually to change one of our warmaps. I'm thinking about Vixen's newest map, Maximum Frustration. What do you think ?
#47 apX. Magik! IP: IP saved  
11.07.2016 18:13h
Welcome in apX Nukem!
#46 apX. Magik! IP: IP saved  
8.07.2016 22:32h
great to hear
#45 nukem IP: IP saved  
8.07.2016 14:26h
I'm installing windows atm, gonna be online soon.
#44 apX. Magik! IP: IP saved  
5.07.2016 23:01h
Also can we please make a vote somewhere on this page about the second map against life? It would be really useful, Thanks
#43 apX. Magik! IP: IP saved  
5.07.2016 23:00h
I hope the disk hasnt died :/ It took my dad a good 3/4 months to get my pc back up to working because he wanted to be safe about the repair lol xD
#42 apX. agent IP: IP saved  
4.07.2016 23:07h
Well..lets hope for the cheapest/best version and see you soon back on track
#41 nukem IP: IP saved  
3.07.2016 21:07h
If it's broken I will have to order a new disk, might take up to 7 days in total.
#40 nukem IP: IP saved  
3.07.2016 21:06h
My brother will be back in two days so that I can check if disk is broken or if there is some other kind of error.

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